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Betreff: Werbung| Drink- Casting B- 12.04.18 + Europaweit| Dreh Tallinn- 1-2 Shooting-25.04-29.04.18|


We are  looking for several roles for a popular Drink. There is a Live Casting in Berlin, as well as an Europewide E- Casting. E- Casting instructions will be sent upon invitation.

Generally: We’re looking for strong diversity of characters+ ‘real people.’ It’s integral that they’re beautiful and engaging personalities, but they should also feel relatable, like they could be your friend. We’re looking for people who are interesting, they have slight quirks that make them feel more human, but within that there’s a beauty. They could have unique features like freckles, dimples, or curly hair. They’re in our real world, so shouldn’t feel too fashion or look like skinny models.

1. Rebecca: Early 20’s. Sister of Chloe. Dark hair, intelligent features. Occasionally wears glasses. Works in advertising and is three quarters of the way through writing her first novel.

2. Chloe: Early 20’s. Sister of Rebecca. Fair hair, bubbly warm smile. The type of person that is always a pleasure to be around. Parttime health + travel blogger and part-time personal trainer.

3. Hailey: Mid 20’s. Dark skinned. Large, frizzy hair. Creative director of a start-up fashion label and DJs in her spare time.

4. Ben: Late 20’s. Cool and innately fashionable guy. Successful freelance Photographer, which he balances with a side business importing Danish mid-century furniture.

5. Justin: Mid 20’s. Pan-Asian or mixed. Boyfriend of Rebecca. Currently climbing through the ranks of a prominent Architectural firm and fosters dreams of one day designing buildings like his idol, Frank Gehry.

FEES + BUYOUTS- Dayfee - 900,00 € incl. Fitting (1-2 shooting days and an optional photo shooting day)

Travel fee - FLAT 400,00 €- Stand-By-Day - 250,00 €- OT after 12 hours - 90,00 € per hour

 1x TVC 30” with cut downs and country versions, different tastes of Light product featured

Buyouts - if used/ or in final edit, staggered usage within 18months

450% - 1 year Germany, France, Belgium- TV, digital, DOOH, Stills out of the film for PR/social Media /Internet

Options for 2nd/ 3rd year = 500% per year

Optional- 800% - 1 year (Germany, UK, Spain, France, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Irland)- TV, digital, DOOH, Stills out of the film for PR/social Media /Internet- Options for 2nd/ 3rd year = 800% per year

Stills, different layouts POS package- 200% - 1 year POS + online, DE/FR/BE- Options for 2nd/ 3rd year = 200% per year

All of the fees + buyouts minus 20% agency commission Hörmann Film GmbH- 030casting

TIMING- 25.04. - 29.04.2018 in TALLINN, Estonia- 1-2 shooting days and an optional photo shooting day

25.04.2018/ Arrival and fitting- 26.04.2018 Shoot

27.04.2018 Shooting

28.04.2018 Still Shoot / departure

29.04.2018 departure for the talents doing the still shoot

CASTING-Berlin-  Thursday, 12.04.2018 (14 - 18:30) + Friday, 13.04.2018 (10 - 18:30) 

EUROPEWIDE ECASTING- Deadline: Monday, 16.04., 11:00AM- E- Casting instructions will be sent upon invitation.


Wenn ihr darauf passt und zeitlich verfügbar seid, dann schreibt uns für welche Rolle ihr euch bewerbt und sendet uns eure aktuellen Fotos + eure Kontaktdaten+ eure Maße+ eure Vita mit dem Betreff: Drink an info@030casting.de

Mit freundlichen Gren,
Eurer 030casting-Team

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fon: 030 - 7517935 oder email: info@030casting.de.
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